Tim Taylor – 2 Samuel 9 – David and Grace

Tim has shared with us a truly awe-inspiring depiction from the Old Testament, capturing the essence of Grace. Through the image of David, the earthly King, harmoniously intertwined with our eternal King, Jesus of Nazareth, we are presented with a profound portrayal. It’s a reminder of the boundless love embodied by our divine Creator. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tim for enriching our lives with this insightful truth during the past week.
Tim also, dedicated time to imparting wisdom about the New Covenant meal as discussed in the New Testament. Through his teachings, he gave awareness to the significance and depth of this meal and its implications. We hold deep appreciation for Tim’s commitment to sharing this knowledge and guiding us on a journey to understand the significance of the Lord’s Last Supper and the purpose behind this New Covenant Meal.
From the desk of Pastor Ryan,
Tim, your presence during the past week has been a true blessing. Your unwavering commitment has allowed us to extend the message of Grace far beyond the confines of Enid. The House of Grace Church has experienced a truly remarkable week, and it’s all thanks to your dedication. Your contributions are wholeheartedly appreciated and valued. – Ryan Nelson