It’s important to remember that it’s okay not to be okay.

To the Church facing the challenge of depression, As a pastor, I’ve seen various challenges in people’s lives, and what I’ve learned is that Jesus comprehends where you’re at, even when the rest of the world may not. Whether it’s a daunting medical diagnosis, a significant financial setback, an impending unattainable deadline, a broken relationship,…read more.

The remarkable journey of Eric Layton

Dear Church Family, Today is a day to share some uplifting news. In an era marked by judgment in the church and a scarcity of grace for Christ’s followers, let me introduce you to the remarkable journey of Eric Layton. I first encountered Eric on a street corner during a vibrant First Friday event. There…read more.

Let’s demystify grace

Dear friends of the church, I write to you today with a message of love and understanding, seeking to make the profound concept of grace more accessible to your hearts. The more you comprehend the kindness and mercy of God, the more your love for Him grows, and your desire to serve Him deepens. First,…read more.

Shed light on a matter of marriage.

Dear Church, This matter has weighed on my mind for a while, but a local church’s actions have compelled me to break my silence. My aim is not to incite controversy but to shed light on a matter of truth. Recently, I learned of a situation where a local church in Enid, Ok denied membership…read more.

Live in the Spirit of grace

Dear Church this is my fourth letter to you, Grace and peace be upon you. It is with a heart filled with love and concern that I write to you today. First and foremost, I rejoice in the faithfulness of your hearts, your commitment to the Gospel, and your love for one another. Your fellowship…read more.

Nothing can separate us from God’s love

“Nothing can separate us from God’s love” Dear Church, I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. I want to share some important thoughts with you, just as Paul did in his letter to the Romans. First, remember that we all make mistakes and fall short sometimes. It’s through our faith in…read more.